Sunday, September 13, 2009

Running with the Devil

Hey rockers! We have less than two weeks until race day (yikes!). With the nonstop work on the bike and Christine being on the lamb, we haven't been able to share with you as much as we'd like. Until we get some awesome pictures posted, to satisfy your thirst for more Tour of Destruction, why not build your own!? It's pretty simple, you just need 4 things:

Something with wheels. A wagon works, but bonus points if your wheels are mixed sizes).

Some kind of shell for the body. I recommend something less itchy than fiberglass.

The body's gotta have flames. Otherwise, why even bother? You guys know how to color, right?

If you try riding it, please wear a helmet and don't hurt yourself. If you find (or make) a helmet this awesome, and you don't share it, the rock gods will surely punish you.

Send us your creations! You could upload a fan photo on the facebook page or post a link in the comments!

Stay brutal.

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