Friday, August 14, 2009

So Far, So Good... So What!

Weekend #2 of the frame build. Next weekend is our last scheduled week of frame work.
Some new parts arrived. We're ready to work out our steering and braking systems. As if we need any brakes...

Here we are double-checking the angle on the steering mount. You can never be too careful; crotches depend on it!

it fits tall people...

and fits short, angry people.

Everything feels good, so we lock it down with welding.

Christine and Luke get in on the welding action. Here they are installing the seatbelt / brake mounting bar.

The steering column is all in place. Now we want to cut out the middle to we can using the tubing to make adjustable steering heights. What's that sound I hear? It sounds like an approaching...





The tubing fits around our steering assembly here. Now we just drill a series of holes in each tube. We'll be able to adjust the height by lining up the holes later.

Andrew is a man of intense concentration...

Sean is not. Here we see him practicing his golf putt.

Putting it all together... this is definitely going to be a speed demon. It seems to have possessed Andrew already.

Next week, we experiment with CNC sculpting while finishing the frame. Sweetness.

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